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How to apply for a collaboration?

If you are invited to a campaign, it will be visible on the app (download). You can then accept the terms to participate in the campaign.

All campaigns are on invite only basis. There is nothing you can do to get invited to a campaign, it's dependent on brand's selection.

Why am I not getting collaborations?

It could be because of any of the following reasons:

  1. you haven't verified your instagram/youtube account
  2. you have less than 1k followers/subscribers or private profile
  3. you have been blacklisted due to incomplete past campaigns
  4. brand's have somehow not selected your profile for collabs

Why are less deserving profiles getting more collabs than me?

It's brand's decision. Decision can be basis objective parameters (like age, location, gender, content-genre, social reach, engagement, etc.) or something very subjective, beyond our control.

How long does it take to get 1st collaboration?

There's no definite timeline. It takes us 1-15 days to review your profile. Once reviewed, your profile is suggested to brands for collaborations. We inform you when a brand wants to collaborate with you.

How will I be informed about collab?

We will send you an app notification. We strongly advice you to keep notifications on, best campaigns get filled the fastest. We won't bother you with any irrelevant notifications. We might also send you an email. Ensure you have mentioned the email-id that you check often.

How many collaborations can one get?

There's no limit. In fact, you are likely to get more collaborations if you have successfully completed many campaigns with us.

How to get paid collaborations?

We will keep you informed about every campaign you get selected for. If you reject the campaign, you may select 'low payout' as the reason. This will help us understand your preference and suggest you suitable campaigns in future.