How to get free products online?


Yes, you have read the title correctly, there are certain ways by which you can get free products online, sure these may just be sample products from brands and at times you may have to fill in a questionnaire or survey form but it’s totally free and worth your time.

  • Participate in a brand contest on Twitter

There are thousands and thousands of brands that conduct contests on their Twitter handle, you can participate in the contest and you will have a chance of getting a free product. Although generally in a brand contest they ask you to share the contest, comment on the post, like their tweets, it may be time-consuming but will definitely yield results.

  • Participate in Giveaways by Youtubers or Instagrammers

This method has become significantly popular in the last couple of years. Youtubers and Instagrammers are constantly conducting giveaways to increase their following. You need to constantly scour their channels and profiles to stay updated about the giveaway contests. It has a similar procedure where you have to like, comment, share their videos or confirm your entry by following them on various social media channels, and in return,they either give some free products or their channel’s merchandise.

  • Free Sampling Websites

There are several websites on the internet where you would find free sample products, some of them are Freekamaal, Grabon. On these websites you would find offers and options to get free products or services, you just have to provide them with a shipping address and they will deliver the product to you. Although in some cases, you may have to fill a survey or feedback form or post pictures of the free product on your social media.

  • Collaborate with Brands

This is one of the sure-shot ways of getting free products online. You work and collaborate with the brands. In this way, the brand sends you the products and in return for the product, you will have to post a review on social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, or a Blogging website. One such platform is OPA, with just 1000 followers and a public Instagram account, you too can work and get free products from brands like Lakme, Himalaya, Sugar Cosmetics, Klairs, Plum, and many more renowned brands.