why OPA exists


We started in 2019. The aim was simple, understand why micro-influencer marketing hasn’t skyrocketed yet and contribute to making it happen.


In the past 1 year, we have run 300+ marketing campaigns, worked with 100+ brands and 50k+ influencers. We have gotten brands to increase their micro-influencer marketing budgets by 5X on average. 

But we still find that micro-influencers are extremely undervalued in India.


How do we help brands realize the value micro-influencers bring? How do we quantify the influence? Track performance beyond engagement, reach & impressions? For example, a consumer may get introduced to a product via an influencer. The influencer might have just positioned the brand as premium and trustworthy in the user’s mind. Weeks later, the user makes the purchase by clicking on a banner ad. 


Does the brand know this user journey? How do you help the brand attribute the success to the influencer as well? And by how much? These are difficult questions. But solvable with a ton of data and advanced predictive analytics. Platforms like Instagram and YouTube have this data. But acting on it is not their priority and data is inaccessible to us. So what do we do?


We build our own App. An app, where influencers can post reviews, tutorials, shopping haul videos, etc. Users can consume content and shop products they like. Influencers earn a commission for their influence and get noticed by brands.


We know this is ambitious. We are just getting started. We are committed to solving this.