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What is this app for?

OPA is a community of savvy shoppers. Watch reviews, tutorials, & shopping haul videos. Share your shopping notes and experiences. Discover what's new in MakeUp, Skin Care, Hair Care and Grooming.

You can also get free products to review and share experience with the community.
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What's OPA's mission or purpose?

We believe a brand is not what a company tells its consumers, its what consumers tell each other.

We want to democratize marketing. So that people can take shopping decisions basis genuine advice, tips and ideas.

How do I get Free Products to review?

Once you open the app (download), go to gift icon. Register yourself as a collaborator. You will then receive brand collaborations, where you can get free products to review.

What is Opa Reviews?

Opa Reviews and OPA are the same. Our registered name is Opa Reviews, but we like to call it OPA.